As a human being, life can be a great experience, but that same life can bite you aswel. Reino celebrates this dance of existence by creating upbeat Indie music. The Dutch band writes poppy songs with crisp synthesizers and some punk energy to top it off. Think LCD Soundsystems danceable synths mixed with the raw energy of the early Arctic Monkeys. From their first single “Carousel” (2017) until their latest banger “Fiesta Settlement” (2019), Reino keeps the standards high with super catchy, refreshingly pop and dancey indie-rock hits! The 4 lads make their songs sing and when the crisp rhythms and particular effervescence is directed by the vocals, it is an electrifying consumption of passions. They've got a unique combination of house synths with new-wave-like vocals and chats reminiscent of a Kaiser Chiefs’ single. But with more pop, and similarly hooky. It’s so dang fun. You can’t help but get in. The band consists of Erik van Schoonhoven, Thomas Rikkers, Sven van der Meer and Sam Nieuwenhuijs.

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